Malaysia Is Our Pride

Malaysia Is Our Pride

Malaysia is our pride

In this epoch of modern society, the media is very essential in an individual’s life. The media and communication are related in a way that could embark both capabilities whereas assists in the process of communication. Media includes Malaysia newspaper, Web design Malaysia, Malaysia books industry and everything that provides the information. The salience of media in today’s world has brought communication to a new level where our generations are acknowledged with the existence of it and gives the media a new platform to embark within our society. Moreover, innovations in information and communication technology have given media the ability to inject prominence aspects towards any issues or crisis without de-emphasizing other factors in the progression of communication whereby media has its own agenda-setting role.

However, the emergence of media involves all the communication technologies has paved the way for the democratization of information among people. Changes from developments in information and communication technologies are a video device, the World Wide Web (WWW) digital electronic audio, social media, tablets, mobile internet and plenty more. These advanced communication technologies have some form of impact and influence on its audiences. Media is also a platform to disseminate information, the source of entertainment, a medium to express thoughts and also to voice against unfavorable schemes of government. Media has a huge potential to reach mass audience have been acknowledged by media managers. Nevertheless, the government has a role in media whereas permits or license must be granted from the government before the media company execute any activities.

Overall, various elements of contents related to media ownership whether it is positive or negative aspects. Media is playing both constructive as well as destructive roles but at the end, it is up to the individual and society to decide regarding media publications. The concentration in ownership that is reformation old media has led to conglomeration in news communication and a narrowing of sourcing in new media.

As mass media has a great source of information, media owners or media giants must be careful when it comes to media portrayals as false news will not vanish overnight. However, media must utilize its power to help society even though financial and political issues will always be manipulative. All media institutions must fight a battle to always be fair and publish only truths in order to save the people from the untruthful news. These days, not many could survive in media outlets as there are a lot of challenges in terms of integrity and also competitors from other media companies.

However, we must remind ourselves to always be truthful in spreading the news as one news could change a person’s life. It is worthless to gain profits while taking advantage of others suffer whilst we can save people from a lot of troubles and achieve unity in peace.

However, media democracy also plays a big role as citizens must understand their basic human right and not easily influence by media portrayals as the authenticity of stories can be manipulated easily to gain audience’s attention whereby to increase their company profits. Even political parties, politicians, ministers, and various ministry websites often have a Facebook, Twitter, and other social media account to deliver their news and information to the wider public.

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